Strip tease in a Sexy Red Corset

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Cody Milo in a CorsetWe continue to bring you some of the most teasing shots of Cody since she started modelling because when it gets onto the more hardcore stuff that she has done in photos and videos, you will appreciate it more just knowing how sexy her body is. In this photoshoot which was done for our friends over at who have photographed Cody a lot of times since she started modelling, she has brown hair and a bit more of a fuller figure that she usually has, but instead of that being a downside it actually perfectly makes the scene because it lets this beauty show off all of her sexy ravishing looks and that’s before you even notice what she is wearing.

Once you do, you’re in for a really nice surprise because as in the preview picture just here to the left, she’s wearing a red glittery corset that shows off those more than ample breasts and a red g-string that leaves almost nothing to the imagination, with a mesh bit at the top of it showing off all of her shaven private areas that will leave you no doubt wanting to see more of her fantastic body. Well that just works perfectly for Cody too because it’s not long before she’s stripping out of this clothing and dancing around completely naked with her shaven pussy on display, and it’s not the first time that she has teamed up with Danni Ashe to produce hot pictures like that, we’ve saved some of the best ones from the photoshoot and put them in a gallery below for you to enjoy at your leisure, and remember to check out the full site as there is much more inside!

Cody Milo in a CorsetCody Milo in a CorsetCody Milo in a Corset

Flashing her shaven snatch at

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Cody Milo @ Danni.comEveryone knows that Danni Ashe became a huge name in internet porn after she was one of the first to start putting the glamour shots of other girls online, and she did it really well, she was always getting the hottest starlets together and making sure that they had the best photosets that would turn on consumers, and exactly the same occurred when Cody Milo got the chance to pose for and we got all of the exclusive pictures to bring to you. So the set starts out with Cody just posing on a sofa in a nice pink and purple set of pyjamas, that barely cover her amazing sets of curves, and it’s not long before she pulls off her top to reveal that absolutely perfect set of breasts, and she makes some great poses that show you just how sex she is as her long blonde wavy hair falls down over her chest.
Once she’s had a bit of posing topless done, it’s not long before she’s tugging at those bottoms that are hiding her perfect derriere, but first you get a few lingering and teasing shots of her pulling them just lower than her waist to reveal the sexy tattoos that she has in her intimate places and a nice belly button piercing that just accentuates the set. Then finally when the bottoms come off, you can see that Cody’s shaven snatch is completely reveal and she has her pussy on show for everyone to see, rubbing at it until its soaking wet and loving every minute of it, as you will if you go inside and see the video they’ve taken to go along with it.

Cody Milo @ Danni.comCody Milo @ Cody Milo @ Danni.comCody Milo @

Lesbian pussy licking with Tiffany Taylor

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Cody Milo and Tiffany TaylorSo I found out today that Cody Milo has a ton of different aliases or names that people have referred to her as during her time in the porn industry, I listed a few of them in the first post on this site but after hunting around and looking at many hours of her videos, which after you have browsed this site for a while you will definitely be doing too, this girl is a fucking stunner and even if she goes by the name Codi Milo or Cody Yonge you will recognise that beautiful face wherever she pops up. Anyway today I’m going to bring you some photos from an amazing set she did with another popular starlet called Tiffany Taylor, I’ll tell you more about her in a while but first I’m going to talk about the really unique look that Cody has in this set, she unusually has a kind of bob hair cut with highlights between brown and blonde and as usual her body is absolutely rocking with her athleticism.

So it starts off with these two stunning girls in hot lingerie, Tiffany in a set of lacy black bra and panties and Cody in a blue Basque that barely covers her nipples, with the rest of her body on display and looking absolutely stunning, showing off those great tattoos she has on her hips, as Tiffany’s hand slowly slides in to her panties and starts feeling up that completely shaven pussy. It’s not long into the set before Cody is spread back on the sofa with her legs wide getting her clit licked by this other hot girl and that’s when I’m going to stop talking about it and just let you enjoy the photos I sourced for you. All of this hot stuff comes from our friends over at Lucky Lesbians.

Cody Milo and Tiffany Taylor

Cody Milo and Tiffany Taylor – Let’s meet Cody and introduce her fansite!

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Cody Milo

Welcome to Cody Milo dotcom! This site was setup by some fans of this hot blonde young starlet who has been appearing in porn since 2005 and has built up a huge following for her amazing breasts and fantastic athletic body, with over 100+ scenes under her belt we created this site as a shrine to showcase some of the best photos and videosets she has ever appeared in. Before that, we have a little more information on Cody and her amazing talents, so let’s get a little biographical for you all:

Cody is from California (when it comes to girls performing in porn, that’s usually a pretty standard thing!) and was born in 1986.. she has a really unique look with her usual flowing blonde hair that goes all the way past her shoulders and down to her tits, along with those deep brown eyes of hers, which would suggest the hair is a dyed colour, and of course in some rare picture sets and porn scenes you can see her with much shorter brunette hair. Cody has quite a few tattoos on her amazing body, with one on her right shoulder blade… between her shoulder blades… she has stars on each thighs, chinese letters, dragons and even a butterfly.

We will be updating this site as much as possible with new photos and videos of this girl, along with any news of scenes she might be appearing in (an example being special things like dressing up as a schoolgirl or when she gets her fantastic body inked again). Come back soon for more examples of this beauty! (Photo credit to our friends over at